LUV x Triagonal combines the rigorous structures and hierarchies of information design with the sensation of enticing visual storytelling and strong identities.


Making this sweet spot our point of departure, we deliver attractive, powerful and convincing visual communication to spaces as well as digital and analogue platforms.

As individual companies and teams, our decades of experience from all over the world speak for themselves. In joining forces, we have created a unique powerhouse of designers and architects, strategists, anthropologists and user experience experts, ready to take on the most demanding communication and wayfinding challenges in the most complex and challenging types of environments.

Always with the ambition of exploiting the synergies between the physical and the digital dimensions making up the entirety of a modern environment, of ensuring a natural sense of coherence and of making sure that no one is left behind.


Wayfinding, flow optimisation and user journey

Our services developed to enhance the user experience in complex environments are based on solid, anthropological and behavioural evidence. Decades of experience from working in demanding spaces like hospitals, airports and educational institutions as well as thoroughly tested methodologies ensure optimal balance between the needs of users and other stakeholders, and the strategic intentions of the spaces that we work in.


User experience, interfaces and response

To accommodate both the purely utilitarian functionality and the best possible user experience, we make sure that all relevant interfaces are exploited and conceived as integral components of our solutions.

Different users have different preferences, needs and capabilities, and by acknowledging this diversity, we make sure that our all users are catered for with the same degree of intuitiveness and accessibility.

We design bespoke interfaces for each project that is in tune to the desired response expected from each user, including addressing the needs of the emotional states and users’ capacity for processing. Our solutions are therefore be ‘smart’ and ‘timely’, only serving the context to the anticipated needs.

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Purpose, meaningfulness & behavioural insight

A solid platform of knowledge and evidence strengthens our expertise and deliverables. By adding anthropological competences to our team, our level of understanding of the emotional, cultural and cognitively conditioned factors influencing on the degree of empowerment provided by our strategies and solutions have been lifted to a new level, ensuring an ultimate sense of purpose and meaningfulness.


Effectiveness, measurability and leverage

We cater to a wide level of solutions to suit different budgets and maximise value for money by collaborating closely with our clients.

We manage expectataions carefully, setting realistic goals and the KPIs on which our results will be measured on. At the end of the day, we’re measured by the extent to which our solutions work.

That’s why we seek to establish a joint understanding of metrics and success criteria in our dialog with our clients, and to deliver on the agreed rate of return on investment.

We ultimately aim for happy clients, regardless of whether this is measured in traffic and response, in effectiveness or efficiency or in user empowerment and satisfaction.

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